Tim Gump is a self taught, full time artist based in Fairview, West Virginia where he and his wife Sherry, own Gump Gallery and Studio of Fine Art. His paintings have brought to him a recognition of a skilled artist. His work has always captured and portrayed a true-to-life moment of time with each stroke of his brush. Tim has always believed that the paintbrush can transcend the limits of ordinary vision and become an expression of a creative imagination.

Inspired tremendously by his great grandmother, Edna Yost Haught, who painted regularly in the turret room of her home, created within Tim a deep appreciation and love for art. Another relative that had an equal amount of great influence in his development as an artist was Catharine V. Yost. Catharine was an accomplished oil painter who studied at The Art Institute of Chicago and lived and painted in both Europe and the United States. During Tim's initial early work and studies of oil painting, inspiration and guidance was certainly available. Tim can reflect back now on both relatives and credit them for his enthusiasm of the landscapes and scenes he paints today as well as the joy he has living with the memories and the art he loves so much.

His great grandmother, Edna, had once sat to have her portrait painted by Catharine in the Yost mansion located in Fairview, WV. This painting (shown below) of Tim’s great grandmother, along with some of Edna's own paintings, are respectfully on display in the studio overlooking his easel where he continues to get inspiration from them over 50 years later. The Yost family also had a mansion in Pontiac, IL that is now a museum of their personal household belongings and artifacts displaying the life they lived as well as many pieces of Catharine's art from a time past.

Today, Tim's western landscapes capture the unmistakable evidence of the true beauty of nature. From his canyon scenes to mountain streams and composition of characters that depict the true meaning of life, and his passion for painting the North American Indian, allows his brush to look into a memory of times past that should never be forgotten. In all of his works he wants his viewers to take a journey to wherever their eye’s imagination leads them that truly goes beyond the surface of the canvas and the actual scene. To Tim, this is the greatest art.

Throughout his career, art has lead him into different business opportunities allowing him to design and create works bringing national demand and recognition. He created this demand by painting his own version of camouflage, realizing that what was available in the outdoor industry could be made better. This lead to a partnership in Thomasville, Georgia launching an opportunity to display the products of his artwork in major retail stores, associations with wholesalers and distributors, and obtaining licensing/commissioning contracts across the country from 1993-2019. Numerous other opportunities presented themselves along with this such as: graphic illustrations for sales media, full page advertisements with layouts of his work, working with sales groups teaching them about the creativeness of the artwork, speaking engagements with buyers presenting the artwork in the product line and attending and participating in national showings and events such as the International SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada representing and featuring his work.

Along with the gallery and private studio work, Tim has the desire to teach classes focusing on oil painting techniques, where he and his students will experience both studio and Plein Air sessions. 

For more information on Gump Gallery and the services and classes offered, visit us at www.gumpgallery.com and follow us @gumpgallery on social media.